Nature Coffee Series

Robusta Coffee from Umejero

Strong Robusta Coffee, from the beauty of Umejero Village

Umejero Village is a hamlet with a unique complexity of natural beauty. The existence of nature which is fortified by several hills and mountains makes the air and natural fertility sufficient.

Some of the waterfalls in Umejero Village show how fertile nature is. The expanse of rice fields still looks wide, between the shade of the hills filled with community coffee and clove plantations.

The thick customs and culture of the community also helps protect the natural environment. The concern of several community leaders who, from 1970 to 2021, are still developing new coffee varieties that are better than the varieties that have been widely cultivated shows how strongly this coffee culture has blended.

Robust Umejero, like the strong bitter character of Robusta coffee, also has the aroma and warmth of cloves in the coffee. The existence of a large number of coffee plantations among Cloves has changed the taste and aroma of Robust Umejero.

Umejero itself has been known as a coffee producer since the colonial era. The existence of Excelza coffee that is still growing in several places shows the glory of Umejero in his time as a coffee producer to be reckoned with. Even today, this Dutch coffee plant is still often used as a rootstock for TOP Umejero coffee plants.

TRADITIONAL PROCESSING is still very much maintained by coffee farmers. They even keep growing coffee when the price of coffee drops, as one of their ways to preserve nature and bind the strength of the soil.


900 mdpl plantation

An altitude of 850 – 950 meters is very good for robusta coffee plants. Produce robusta coffee from 1920, yes Umejero has their expert on Coffee productions.


Organic Process

Pure organic cultivation was maintained very well here in these highland plantations.


Red Pick Harvest

The red pick harvest that is a must to guarantee its quality.



DR 87.K per 200 grams

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