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Mild of Blue Tamblingan Coffee

Premium Arabica Coffee, from the Lake Tamblingan, Munduk

Arabica coffee was selected from community plantations around Lake Tamblingan. A lake that is sacred by the people of the Munduk Traditional Village. This Arabica coffee grows at an altitude of 1400 meters above the sea and is located in the Catur Desa customary forest area.

The coffee, which is named Blue Tamblingan, has the character of Arabica coffee in general, where the sour taste is more pronounced. Due to its habitat in a lake and forest environment, the natural flavors and aromas carry over to each coffee bean.

Found five years ago by Putu Ardana, it is now being developed on nearly 80 hectares of coffee plantations around Lake Tamblingan. Exclusivity is a value in itself in addition to its unique aroma and taste.

MILD PROCESS | The process is different from coffee in general. The coffee processing process here is referred to as Mild. This means that the fermentation process is not carried out from the coffee beans with the skin. However, the fermentation is done after peeling so that it gives moderate caffeine. The aroma and taste are also slightly softer than coffee wine.


1400 mdpl plantation

An altitude of 1300 – 1400 meters is very good for arabica coffee plants. At an altitude where Arabica coffee plants grow well, resulting in premium quality coffee beans.


Organic Process

The process of cultivating and maintaining this coffee plant is completely organic, without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Managed in a controlled manner by only 70 coffee farmers.


Red Pick Harvest

The red pick harvest that is required to be done, is to maintain the best quality of Blue Tamblingan coffee beans.



IDR 99.K per 200 gr

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