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Immunity Booster Coffee

Immunity Booster by d'Base

Arabica coffee that helps strengthen the body’s immunity

Following the habits of our parents in Bali, who often mixed coffee with ginger during the transition period. A common habit of our ancestors which is believed to be able to strengthen the body’s immunity so as to avoid various diseases that are very easy to arise at that time.

d’Base Bali combines these local customs into our products. Aum Cemara is lightly blended with Ginger in the right composition. Arabica coffee itself, which is not so hard and has a more sour taste, combined with ginger, we believe can maximize the inflammatory effect on the body.

Development of local culture into our organic products. A cultural heritage and coffee concept that we preserve and share with you.


Predominance Ingredients

It is essential to protect your self with extra care. Try D’Base Immunity Booster a for better immune system. Heal your body with a soft light Arabica coffee flows within you. Anti-inflammatory in Ginger can boost your immune health and certainly what you need to have at home.


Base Coffee

Basic coffee that we use is Arabica Aum Cemara, with a strong sour character and tasty of fruity in it.



DR 88.K per 200 grams

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