Fusion Coffee Series

Double C Combo Coffee

Robusta Coffee combined with Rich Chocolate

It has become a common tradition in various coffee-producing areas in Bali. That when they process and make Robusta ground coffee, in general it will be mixed with Chocolate to reduce the strong bitter taste of Robusta coffee.

There is something different with the Double C Combo which we also mix with Chocolate. The biggest difference is our robusta coffee roasting process. Unlike most roasts, which are purposely made jet black (which we think is charred). Instead, we maintain the right roast so that the strong character of the robusta coffee is still maintained without turning bitter, then we combine it with chocolate.

Robusta coffee which relaxes muscle tension, combined with chocolate, we all know as an antidepressant. So that the combination of coffee and chocolate is expected to calm, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Also at the same time as an antidepressant.


Predominance Ingredients

The perfect match made in heaven is definitely Double C Combo by D’Base. Taste the delectable pairing of rich Chocolate and high-quality Robusta coffee in your every sip. You will be taken to paradise by every drop of sweet silk that lasts forever in your palate.


Base Coffee

The base of the coffee we use is Robust Umejero, with a strong bitter character but carrying the warmth of cloves in it.



DR 77.K per 200 grams

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