I’m sure you recognize coffee. In fact, most of you I believe are coffee connoisseurs and can tell the difference between delicious coffee and ordinary coffee. Or even you are a coffee hobbyist who can recognize what type of coffee you enjoy, there are any aromas and flavors in the coffee you are enjoying.

However, do you know how coffee looks like in nature, in its natural habitat on community plantations? How physically different from each type of coffee? How is the care and process experienced by these coffee cherries from picking to serving in your cup to enjoy?

We had the opportunity to participate in the activities of Grandpa Putu Witaya, one of our coffee farmers who in his old age is still working and staying healthy by gardening coffee and cloves. Through this VLOG, we will show how the original coffee habitat is. How this coffee plantation is cared for and takes care of its nature as a soil binder.

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