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Chasing Deadline Coffee

Robusta Coffee as friends During Your Tight Deadline

For some people, coffee is a friend when they need concentration for a long time. This habit has become an open secret and habit. I don’t know when people’s belief in the ability of coffee existed, but even today coffee is still the main choice when we have to stay up late.

We have developed this habit in this mixed coffee product. Named “Chasing Deadline” according to the needs of this coffee connoisseur, we put Ginger in the mix.

Robusta coffee itself contains substances that can reduce pain due to muscle tension when we are pressed for a deadline. While Ginger is known as an anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidants that are able to overcome digestive problems and also lower cholesterol in the blood which helps calm the body.

The combination of strong and warm Umejero Robust coffee with Ginger, we believe will help you to keep your eyes open and your concentration to stay awake.


Predominance Ingredients

A combination of Robusta coffee and Ginger will accelerate your strength and definitely keep your eyes wide open. Drink D’Base Chasing Deadline and charge your energy! It’s the coffee that keeps the grumpy away. 


Base Coffee

The base of the coffee we use is Robust Umejero, with a strong bitter character but carrying the warmth of cloves in it.



DR 77.K per 200 grams

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