Bli Putu Ardana. A friend, comrade, and relative who always calls himself a farmer from Munduk Village, Buleleng. He is the founder of Kopi Blue Tamblingan. Premium Arabica coffee only grows around the sacred area of Lake Tamblingan. Coffee with aroma and taste that you must try for yourself because it is really different from Arabica coffee that has existed in the market first.

A masterpiece of nature in the Tamblingan area that is second to none. Absolutely premium. I’m sure you will say the same after tasting and smelling the aroma of this Blue Tamblingan coffee.

This over an hour chat, we appreciate the purpose of the development at Tamblingan Lake and their struggle to preserve nature. When it turns out that we can enjoy the quality and characteristic coffee. While we are helping the welfare of coffee farmers in the region and preserving nature, why not?

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